Mechanical and heat treatment of metals

Heat treatment of carbon and alloyed steel

Power range

  • 130 - 200 kg / h austenitizing (hardening) due to dimensions and thickness of metal parts
  • 70 - 120 kg / h gas carburizing / carbonitriding due to material properties and depth of surface saturation

Operating temperature range

  • 820 °C - 880 °C during the hardening, though the temperatures may be adjusted according to customer requirements
  • up to 600 °C during tempering

Maximum piece dimensions: 100 х 6 х 40 max mm

Maximum weight: 100 max g 


Mechanical treatment of metals

  • turning, boring, milling and grinding works
  • manufacturing of details after drawings and broken-down part
  • processing of load-bearing parts on the modern high-precision equipment. There are used the high speed milling centre MIKRON (with external dimensions 700x400x300) and the wire erosion machine ROBOFIL (550x400x150) to manufacture all kinds of body and main components
  • producing of various parts for engine mount and mechanisms (for example, shafts, axles, gears, sprockets, etc.). There are operated special gear-cutting machines with a high degree of accuracy (0,01mm) to produce gears for gearboxes. The maximally allowable sizes of worked-out part are as following: diameter up to 500 mm and height up to 200mm
  • manufacturing and hardening of compulsory tools with the development of technical design documentation
  • producing of forging dies and appliances
  • cold stamping