About us

The Joint-Stock Company DITTON Driving Chain Factory, founded in 1949 as the Daugavpils Driving Chain plant, represents one of the oldest manufacturer of driving chains around Europe. Nowadays DITTON specializes in a wide range of  roller, bush, leaf and other chains with different pitches according to European standard ISO/DIN, to American standard ANSI, to Russian standard GOST and customer specific requirements as well.

The manufactured chains are aimed to be in use for:

  • timing gears (camshaft drives)
  • bicycles and motorcycles
  • snowmobiles
  • conveyors and various driving systems
  • packaging equipment and special machinery
  • agricultural facilities and woodworking equipment
  • lifting equipment 

Along with the main work field JSC DITTON Driving Chain Factory runs:

  • manufactory for tooling and machining production fitted with special and universal equipment
  • department for designing and manufacturing of forging dies and press forms
  • environmental control laboratory, which measures CO2 emissions in general and in the work place, meets the requirements of LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and is accredited for technical competence. Environmental management system corresponds to EU directive (96/61 EU)

The quality management system 
applied by the JSC DITTON Driving Chain Factory is certified with the international standards:

  • EN ISO 9001 for development, manufacturing and marketing of motor, driving and conveyor chains
  • IATF (former ISO/TS) 16949 for design and manufacturing of motor chains.

With constant modernisation along with continuous improvement of the quality system, and high employees` qualification,
JSC DITTON Driving Chain Factory meets customers’ needs in design and quality of driving chains, ensuring reasonable manufacturing terms, as well the competitive  prices in the market.

We are always ready for the mutually beneficial cooperation.