DITTON Driving Chain Factory
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Daugavpils Driving Chain plant was founded in 1947 in Latvia and represents large enterprise with old historical traditions in driving chains manufacturing around Europe and Asia.

Now the old plant named as Ditton Driving Chain Factory is a Jont-Stock Company specializes in wide range of roller-, bush-, leaf chains and many others.

Ditton Driving Chain Factory manufactures driving chains with pitch from 9.525 to 50.8 according to the standards ISO, ASA, GOST (standards of Europe, USA, Russia) and also in accordance to our internal standards in compliance with our customer requirements. The manufactured chains aimed to be in use in automobiles industy, power supply units, conveyors, packaging equipment, forklifts, agriculture facilities, in different auto systems, lifts and in other special machineries.

Along with the main activity (production of driving chains), there is available:

- possibility of design and manufacturing of punches, press forms and different products from plastic;
- tooling and machining production fitted with special and universal equipment;
- testing laboratory that meets the requirements of GOST R ISO/MEK 17025-2009 and is accredited for technical competence;
- laboratory for control of emissions into the environment and control of the production environment that meets the requirements of LVS EN ISO/IES 17025:2005 and is accredited for technical competence. Environmental management system complies with directives of EU (96/61 EU).

JSC "Ditton Driving Chain Factory" applies a quality management system according to:

- EN ISO 9001:2008 within the following scope of activities: designing, manufacturing and marketing of motor, driving and conveyer chains (roller, bush, leaf chains).
- ISO/TS 16949:2009 within the scope: designing and manufacturing of motor chains.

The main Ditton Joint-Stock Company's purpose is understanding of customer needs in driving chains design and quality. We achieve it by continuous improvement of quality system, employees qualification supporting , reasonable chains manufacturing terms and also the competitive prices in the market.

We have reliance upon the mutually advantageous cooperation.

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