Beware of Counterfeits


Counterfeit timing chain 21214-1006040-03


In retail in CIS countries are offered counterfeit timing chains of DITTON Driving Chain Factory, as well as a part of timing chain repair kit. By copying the external features of the goods, there is even used the trademark - «ДЦ» (spelling “DC”) without any significant changes, what is an obvious violation of rights and of a law.

One of the manufacturers and distributors of the counterfeit goods is Ruian Хаю Автозапчасти Co. At first glance there are following differences between the original and counterfeit timing chains:

1. Connecting link


Pins (rivets) of the connecting link are with conical head.

Pins (rivets) of the connecting link are with the flat head and cuts on two parallel sides.

2. Colour of pin link plates




Solid white-blue blueing

Dark-blue blueing

3. Trademark “ДЦ” (spelling “DC”) on pin link plates


4. Date of chain production on the connecting plate


The numbers disclose the month and the year of production

The date of production is missing

The counterfeit timing chain of  Ruian Хаю Автозапчасти Co. is an option of the industrial chain 06B-1 of the ISO 606 standard and is not suitable for car engine. It`s use as a timing chain may lead to chain break directly in the car engine causing the damage of the motor and valves.

The results of the testing of the counterfeit timing chain proved that the chain does not comply with the requirements for the automotive 9,525 mm pitch simplex timing chain due to breaking load, geometrical features and the steel hardening quality of chain parts. The chain did not pass the test for wear resistance regarding the elongation aspect, which is twice higher than the norm.

Distinctive features

Chain requirements of JSC DITTON Driving Factory

Т* 000303018-037-98

Т* 000303018-41-2007

Testing results of the counterfeit products of

Ruian Хаю Автозапчасти Co.

Breaking load, N min
9000, 9200
Inner plate thickness, mm
1,28 - 1,33
Pin diameter, max mm
4,71 - 4,74
Slack, max mm
Yield strength between the plate and the bush, min daN
Roll hardness , HV5
640 - 750
587 - 791
Inner plate hardness, HRC
45 - 52
40 - 45
Carbonitrided layer of bushes, mm
0,10 – 0,20
0,05 - 0,15
Carbonitrided layer of pins, mm
0,25 – 0,40
0,10 - 0,20